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The Original Pre-Rolled Cones®

Our Paper Cones ® are Used & Loved by Cone-asseurs around the world since 1994.
Pre-Rolled Cones since 1994

Pre-Rolled Cones ® For your Business (B2B)

Pre-Rolled Cones since 1994

Pack Cones ® For your own enjoyment (B2C)

MountainHigh®, The Original Cones®, The Coolbox®, and many other inventions and products supporting the Community, are initiatives of Vandenberg Specials Products.

Started in 1994 with a small idea, nowadays many customers worldwide are provided with perfectly pre rolled Cones® and everything else needed to fill and sell these.

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The Original Cones® are perfect for people who either can’t roll their own or just haven’t learned it and want to have an easy and quick solution.

You first grind your flower or materials fine. Then drop a little amount in the paper Cones ® and use the straw to pack it real tight. This ensures the joint won’t break or bend at the tip. After that fill it up with the rest of your material. Pushing it down ever so much to get a nice and thick joint. Not too tight otherwise it won’t draw so well. And there you have it. A perfectly straight and tight pre-rolled Cones® joint.

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